One of the “core projects” of Waldorf 100 is a series of musical compositions written especially for our Centennial Celebration by master students from composition classes in leading music schools around the world.

The idea: students from some of the best music academies in the world send us compositions that are short, beautiful, sophisticated and playable for school orchestras. A jury headed by the President of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, Prof. Elmar Lampson, has selected two compositions, which are now available for Waldorf School orchestras around the world to be performed freely until the end of 2019.

  • The demanding piece for large orchestra "Procession-Contraction: Metamorphosis" by Haihui  Zhang was selected from many wonderful submissions. Haihui Zhang comes from Shanghai and studies at the Manhatten School of Music.
  • The second work selected by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music was "Village" for string orchestra and woodwind by Xu Weizun (English name: Franco), which is easier to play. 

Both works are available on this website.

In the meantime, the winning piece "Procession-Contraction: Metamorphosis" has been premiered, and on 9 February 2019 around 900 people were listening to it in a fully occupied auditorium at the Rudolf Steiner Schule Hamburg-Wandsbek. If you are interested, you can watch it as a YouTube video here.

About Haihui Zhang
Haihui was born in Wuhan, China, where she studied piano and composition with her father from the age of 4. She attended the Music Middle School affiliated to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2013 and studied composition with Professor Ying Ding, and further studied piano with Professors Qing Wang, Ting Zhou and Xiangjun Yu. In 2016, she was accepted by Manhattan School of Music and studied composition with Dr. Reiko Fueting. Both as a composer and a pianist, Haihui Zhang has received numerous prizes and scholarships. Her works were performed in Shanghai, Guangxi, Nanjing and New York. She learned about this competition from friends studying in Europe, this being her first encounter with Steiner/Waldorf schools.

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  1. Justin Esposito ( on 08.08.2018 at 13:43

    Hello Waldorf family,
    I write to you from Charlottesville Waldorf School in Charlottesville, Virginia.
    We would love to collaborate with others from around the globe On a project recording and/or performing a song.
    If you would like to collaborate on a particular piece or would like to engage in a conversation, please contact.
    Charlottesville is on the heels of an anniversary where discord was sewn in our town, and we are coming together more than ever to promote piece and connectedness.
    We would love to work with other directors and musicians this year on a song(s) promoting peace and connectedness.
    Look forward to hearing from someone :)

  2. Rabina shahi on 19.09.2017 at 04:55

    I am Rabina from Shanti Waldorf school. I am also inspired to create e a musical project .

  3. Vanessa on 07.04.2017 at 18:28

    Im a waldorf alumni and now Im a waldorf teacher. While reading through your projects I was inspired to create a musical project for alumn, an alumni cd. We could write songs about waldorf or how it changed us. It could be called "Singing our own tune, in harmony with the world," or something along those lines... Maybe we can all record one song together or make a cd of waldrof grads singing their own tunes... kinda metaphorical!? Id love your support to get it going! I know 10 incredible musicians in my high school. Imagine how many songs we'll get steaming in from all over the world! This could be something...

    1. Henning Kullak-Ublick ( on 25.04.2018 at 15:06

      Dear Vanessa, that is a very nice idea! What we can offer you is post musical on our Facebook-account. Unfortunately, we don't have the means to give you any financial support.
      Then again, we would like to share compositions from Waldorf-related musicians on our website, so that other schools can adopt them if they like. The condition would be that they may use the compositions until least the end of 2020, and if they wish to do that, they should get in touch with the composers. We are just setting up a platform for this.
      All the best to you, Henning

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