Anniversary celebration on the 19th of September 2019 in Berlin

Our big Waldorf 100th anniversary celebration will take place in Berlin's Tempodrom, a fixed circus tent that offers both the flair of a circus ring as well as extensive outdoor facilities, and a roof terrace creates numerous opportunities for encounters.



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A link for the live stream, where you can follow our festival live on the internet can be found here soon!


Under the motto "See the World", students from all continents will be showing artistic examples from Waldorf education in various cultures: from the Japanese drum group of the "Kyotanabe Steiner School" (Kyoto) to the traditional Australian music of the "Little Yarra Steiner School"-orchestra (near Melbourne), from the traditional African sounds of the Waldorf students from Windhoek, Namibia, to the choir and orchestra project of all Berlin Waldorf Schools under the direction of Yaron Traub, the longstanding principal conductor of the Valencia Orchestra.

Under the heading "Love the World", the afternoon will explore from different perspectives what our time really needs pedagogically. "Over the decades, a global civil society has emerged for which we need a pedagogy that focuses on the developing human being," coordinator Henning Kullak-Ublick emphazises. The resulting challenges for a future (global) education policy and the role of Waldorf Schools on this path are focused in talks and workshops on explosive education policy issues. The seven core demands of Waldorf Education on educational policy are also presented here.

"Change the World" is the title of the evening event. This section is mainly attended by older pupils from different continents. The joint eurythmy performance of the upper schools from Flensburg, Hamburg and Hitzacker to Beethoven's 7th Symphony shows impressive commitment. Equally unique is the Waldorf 100 relay race, which has been leading from Waldorf school to Waldorf school across Germany for a year now. Pupils* from 140 Waldorf schools have taken part, the last stage on this day leads to the Berlin Tempodrom.

Extensive supporting programme on the outdoor grounds:

Reading by celebrity alumni: In the afternoon there will be a reading of the winning pieces of the Waldorf 100 drama prize, endowed with 25,000 euros. The actors Karoline Eichhorn, Katja Weitzenböck and Samuel Weiss as well as bestselling author Moritz Rinke will read it. All are former Waldorf pupils and members of the jury.

Lectures, films and theatre: former Waldorf student Janis McDavid, known as "The Man without Arms and Legs" and a popular impulse generator and keynote speaker for business, will encourage people to leave their own comfort zone. In the film preview of "Digital rEvolution", the US-American filmmaker Paul Zehrer deals with the question of child development in times of digitalisation. The Eurythmy Theatre Orval presents the enchanting play "Meluna - The Little Mermaid" for children. There will also be open door concerts and workshops as well as a market pavilion, an international pavilion and a youth pavilion.

Program times:

- Morning: See the World - Experience the World
  10.30 am to 13.00 pm
- Afternoon: Love the World - Recognize the World
  14:30 hrs to 17.45 hrs
- Evening: Change the World - Recognize yourself in the stream of the world
  19.30 o'clock to 22.00 o'clock
(subject to alterations)

Tickets can be purchased by schools, institutions, organisations, etc. and by individuals for the following two periods, also independently of each other: 

- Morning and afternoon 20 EUR incl. VAT.
- Evening 20 EUR incl. VAT.

- The prices can be topped up with a donation for school meals via the Friends of Waldorf Education.
- The method of payment is always a bank transfer by the orderer, the account data will be provided after the card release. Details can be found in the order process
- The organizer reserves the right to refuse orders
- Tickets will be issued after receipt of order

- All tickets are valid for all event areas, free choice of seats for all event blocks.
- Tickets are issued as coloured wristbands and attached on site at entry, they lose their validity as soon as they are removed from the arm.
- Admission one hour before the start of each event
- Tickets will be mailed from May 2019 onwards
- All events on 09.19.2019 will be streamed live on the Internet and can be broadcast in school halls.

By ordering invitation and purchase cards, the above conditions are accepted, which can be read in detail here.

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For the guests of the anniversary celebration in the Tempodrom Berlin on September 19th 2019, we have put together a list of recommended hotels. In some there are retrieving quotas, which are valid for the period from 18th to 20th of September 2019. The keyword is "Waldorf 100". The entire list can be downloaded here.

Hotels with retrieving quotas:

Other recommended hotels (without quotas):