Anniversary celebration in the Tempodrom

At this festival, we not only want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Waldorf School with its global social impulse, but also look to the future for the next 100 years of Waldorf education.

September 19, 2019

Waldorf world-wide in 2017

The Waldorf movement has spread and grown with great rapidity. There are now 240 Steiner/Waldorf schools in Germany, 497 in the rest of Europe, and 358 outside of Europe.


New continent: Asia

The first Steiner/Waldorf schools are founded in Asia.


German reunification fosters Waldorf education

The political turning point after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991 allowed new Steiner/Waldorf schools to develop in Central and Eastern Europe. In Germany there are already 114 such schools, 224 in the rest of Europe, and 107 outside of Europe.


USA and Canada Steiner/Waldorf schools join the fold

The Waldorf movement has arrived in the US and Canada (65 schools), Australia and New Zealand (19 schools) and is spreading.


Death of Erich Schwebsch

The death of Erich Schwebsch marks the end of the first development phase: reconstruction is successful. There are 24 Steiner/Waldorf schools in Germany, 25 in the rest of Europe, and five schools established outside of Europe.

After the end of World War II, the first Steiner/Waldorf schools re-open again in Germany.

Ostern 1952

First Steiner/ Waldorf Schools in Germany start working again

After the end of World War II, the first Steiner/Waldorf schools re-open again in Germany.

September 1945

Only a few Steiner/Waldorf schools still operating

Only a handful of Steiner/Waldorf schools remain open in Switzerland and the USA, as well as a few hidden mini-schools in Breslau, Amsterdam, Zeist, Oslo, Bergen and Buenos Aires, which is where the first Waldorf school was established in the Southern Hemisphere.


First Steiner/Waldorf schools close down

In consequence of the Nazi regime, the first Steiner/Waldorf schools are shut down in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Holland.


Waldorf goes Central Park

Committed teachers in New York start up a Waldorf school in Central Park in New York City, the first such school in North America.


Crossing national borders

The first Steiner/Waldorf school outside of Germany is founded as a boarding school in Dornach (Switzerland), the Friedwartschule.


Founding of the first Steiner/Waldorf school in Germany

Founding of the very first Waldorf school at Uhlandshöhe in Stuttgart (Germany).

7. September 1919