Anniversary celebration on the 19th of September 2019 in Berlin

Our huge Waldorf 100 anniversary party was a tremendous success!

Soon you will find here reports, photos and further impressions of our anniversary festival.

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Program (click here)

"See the World" in the morning: Berlin-Brandenburg pupils of the first eight school years lead us through times and cultures of the world, supported by pupils from Flensburg, Hamburg Bergstedt and Hitzacker as welll as the drum group of the "Kyotanabe Steiner School" from Kyoto, Japan, by traditional and modern Australian music from the orchestra of the "Little Yarra Steiner School" near Melbourne, from traditional African sounds of the Waldorf pupils from Windhoek, Namibia, to the choir and orchestra project of all Berlin Waldorf Schools under the direction of Jeroen Moes (choir) and Yaron Traub, the longstanding principal conductor of the Valencia Orchestra.

"Love the World" in the afternoon: Impulses, flashlights and short contributions from teachers and friends from Europe, Kenya and the USA illuminate from different perspectives what our time really needs: pedagogically, socially and humanly. "Global civil society needs a pedagogy that focuses on the human being as an ever-developing being," says Henning Kullak-Ublick, board of directors and host of the festive day. The challenges this poses for the Waldorf Schools, but also for a future-oriented education policy along the way, will be discussed as well as the "Seven Core Demands of Waldorf Education on Education Policy". In addition, the trailer for the Waldorf 100 film "digital rEvolution" will be presented and Miha Pogacnik will give us the "Chaconne" by Bach on his violin. Janis McDavid makes the start and Christof Wiechert concludes.

"Change the World" in the evening: This section is mainly designed by older students from China, Japan, Australia, Namibia and Europe. A joint eurythmy performance by the high school students from Flensburg, Hamburg and Hitzacker on Beethoven's 7th Symphony is just as much a part of this as the - first - collaboration of various eurythmy schools and many other feasts for the ears and eyes that do not always make it easy to remain seated. Also unique is the Waldorf 100 relay race, which has been leading from Waldorf school to Waldorf school across Germany for more than a year. Students from over 140 Waldorf schools have taken part and the last stage on this day leads to the Berlin Tempodrom. There are also a few short but essential impulse speeches - and a few surprises too!

Extensive supporting programme on the outdoor grounds:

Reading by celebrity alumni: In the afternoon there will be a reading of the winning pieces of the Waldorf 100 drama prize, endowed with 25,000 euros. The actors Karoline Eichhorn, Katja Weitzenböck and Samuel Weiss as well as bestselling author Moritz Rinke will read it. All are former Waldorf pupils and members of the jury.

Lectures, films and theatre: former Waldorf student Janis McDavid, known as "The Man without Arms and Legs" and a popular impulse generator and keynote speaker for business, will encourage people to leave their own comfort zone. In the film preview of "Digital rEvolution", the US-American filmmaker Paul Zehrer deals with the question of child development in times of digitalisation. The Eurythmy Theatre Orval presents the enchanting play "Meluna - The Little Mermaid" for children. There will also be open door concerts and workshops as well as a market pavilion, an international pavilion and a youth pavilion.

Program times:

- Morning: See the World - Experience the World
  10.30 am to 13.00 pm
- Afternoon: Love the World - Recognize the World
  14:30 hrs to 17.45 hrs
- Evening: Change the World - Recognize yourself in the stream of the world
  19.30 o'clock to 22.00 o'clock

(subject to alterations)