Marathon around the world

The marathon around the world is the sport project of Waldorf 100, because sport inspires people while also conveying the basic idea of Waldorf 100:  to connect the world.  Whether we all start the big relay race on the same day, or instead conduct many different Waldorf Olympiads, is up to us. For one big goal? Or many small goals? No matter which, then the sport project can be carried out in a great diversity of ways. It's best to do such events in line with regional circumstances, thus also providing plenty of creative scope for each school. We will tell you about three variants we've come up with below. But of course you can expand these however you like, remodel them, or pursue your own separate ideas about the jubilee sport effort, since according to the Olympic principle, aside from healthy competition the main point is simply taking part.

Variant 1: Relay race

The relay race involves carrying a symbolic object from school to school, so that in the end a long race over a great distance has been covered by many runners. The actual length of the race depends on how many schools participate in the idea. It can range from one day to a whole year – everything is possible.

Variant 2: Star race

One day – one race! And each school is a star. On one day the young athletes of all schools all move towards one point in space, in the shape of a star. Whether towards water or towards land, every kind of movement is allowed. When everyone has reached the finish line, there will be a big festival showing the great diversity of Waldorf education.

Variant 3: Sport festival

Sport unites the world! And not only by running races. You can conduct a big sport festival at your school, including many disciplines.  The spirit of international understanding and cohesion among peoples comes alive in this Waldorf Olympiad. Invite other schools from your neighborhood, or from anywhere else in the world, and celebrate a joint sport festival together with others.


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