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Bees, these creatures of the sun, help many of our food crops to multiply, and at the same time show us the state of our souls: “The entire beehive is actually permeated with love life” observed Rudolf Steiner. Bees are an image of the spiritual power that lends dignity to freedom: for the power of love that wants to become effective.

But bees are dying all over the world. We want to step up and do something about it. We want to keep bees at all our Steiner/Waldorf facilities, and have pupils of all ages participate intensively in the health of bees, from the lower to the upper grades, from harvesting honey to pursuing complex research projects. The earth should once again become a place where bees can thrive.

Be part of it and take care of colonizing bees at your school or kindergarten. More about this project you can find in this Leporello Bees and Trees (PDF) for downloading

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Waldorf 100

Hamburg, Germany



Waldorf 100

Henning Kullak-Ublick

Hamburg, Germany

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  1. Robin Mackenzie-Suggate on 20.11.2017 at 03:15

    We are planning to have bee keepers come to our next two College meetings (23rd and 30th Nov) to give us some background and practical ideas. We'd love to hear how others are doing in this area.
    From Robin at Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School

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