New Streaming-Portal “Learning Workshop Classroom”

Students and researchers from all disciplines as well as teachers now have online access to practical examples from class teacher lessons at a Waldorf school. The heretofore unpublished film material for teacher training and research is accessible via a German- and English-language Streaming-Portal free of charge thanks to the Pädagogische Forschungsstelle at Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen.   

The film material is organised according to different themes with accompanying texts in both English and German: arithmetic, lessons in the children’s mother tongue, theater projects, birthday verses, form drawing (under development), painting with water colours (under development).

The films cover first through eighth grades, including the acquisition of core competences, the development of the children as individuals and as a group as well as the changing relationships between the pupils and their class teacher. The teaching situations can be viewed repeatedly and then can be discussed and analysed.

The film material is the product of a long and close cooperation between the film maker Maria Knilli and 40 families, a class teacher and the staff of the Freie Waldorfschule in Landsberg am Lech in Germany. It is the first film documentation of the eight years of development of a class at a Waldorf school. The one-person film team (director/camera/sound) became a normal fixture in the classroom as it accompanied the class for many weeks from the first through the eighth grade. The result is numerous class room observations in close proximity to the pupils.

Three films were produced for Bavarian Television: “Good Morning, Dear Children” (2010), “A Bridge to the World” (2013) and “On My Path” (2017). Following the completion of the filming, the participating families and Bavarian Television agreed to the use of unpublished film material for teacher training and research.

The project “Class Teacher Years at a Waldorf School – Film Footage for Teacher Training and Research” has been supported by the following organisations: Waldorf-Stiftung, DAMUS-Donata e. V., GLS-Treuhand e. V., Mahle-Stiftung, Pädagogische Forschungsstelle at Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen.


  1. Irina Kuca on 06.03.2019 at 15:33

    I would like to know more about it.

    1. Celia on 08.03.2019 at 11:43

      Dear Irina,

      thanks for being interested in the new Streaming-Portal. Have you had a look at the corresponding Website What more would you like to know that you didn´t find there?

      Kind regards

  2. Svea Lara on 02.03.2019 at 03:22

    Thanks for share!

    1. Celia on 08.03.2019 at 11:41

      With great pleasure, dear Svea.

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