Kindergartens are also part of Waldorf 100

We are pleased to share with you the new Leporello "Invitation to Collaboration with Nurseries and Kindergartens". We are presenting three projects there that all facilities can carry out in the anniversary year 2019 and we would be delighted if many kindergartens and nurseries take up these ideas and join Waldorf 100 in the process. In addition, of course, any idea you may create to participate in the Waldorf anniversary is very welcome.

Waldorf 100 wants to further develop the collaboration and effectiveness of Waldorf Education locally and around the world in a global exchange - with you and all of you! You are cordially invited to develop ideas and carry out your own projects. You can email or submit it to

In April 2019, there will also be a World Early Childhood Educators Conference at the Goetheanum. Invited are are all colleagues in kindergartens and child care centers, parents, board members, daycare mothers, therapists, and doctors. The theme is: "Inner Freedom as Social Responsibility - Childhood as the Source of a Human Future". From September 2018 registration is possible. You can send suggestions and ideas for the conference via email:

Furthermore, a film project is being planned to present the Steiner / Waldorf education of the first seven years in a short film. In the process, sequences from previously realized videos from various countries and institutions will also be included. Anyone who knows good videos or has realized them himself can send them to

Themes of special interest include play – simple play materials – relationship to nature – subtle differentiated sense impressions – rhythm – speech. Funding for this project is not yet secured and we are actively looking for support.

Here you can download the flyer as a PDF file.


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