Children's "Garden of Senses"

For the past three years there has been a children's "Garden of Senses" close to Lake Constance in Stockach-Wahlwies, where children can learn from and with the flora and fauna, and discover their diversity while still in early childhood. When sowing, planting onions, digging in the soil, harvesting and exploring natural processes in a child's playful way, children learn how everything is connected to each other. A main focus is the work with bumblebees and wild bees, for which the children build individual nesting aids, and then observe their colonization and the busy visits to the many different kinds of flowers in the garden, while consciously experiencing this year with the bees.
Especially for the Waldorf Jubilee celebrating the Waldorf education centennial in 2019, the honeybee is the focus for everyone involved. Children, parents, and educators will come together to plant hundreds of bee-friendly shrubs and bushes in the Children's Garden of Senses. Furthermore, the cooperation with the neighboring Waldorf School shall be intensified in horticulture classes, because some bee colonies are already settled there. In spring 2018, a highly interesting lecture will be held there with Dr. Frank Krumm within the framework of the KulturWerkstattSchule, titled "About trees and bees – what can we learn?". He is an expert in beekeeping in living trees, and in the production of log hives (human-built bee houses consisting of a hollowed tree trunk). At the beginning of 2019, before the bee year begins, an evening is also planned with the long-standing beekeeper Dr. Ulrich Miller, who will talk about ecological and appropriate beekeeping.

The Children's Garden of Senses (KinderSinnesGarten) in the Waldorfkindergarten Wahlwies
Contact persons: Susanne Kiener and Dr. Daniel Schaarschmidt-Kiener
Erich-Fischerstrasse 12
78333 Stockach-Wahlwies
Tel.: +49 (0)7738/938219


A project from

Waldorf 100

Hamburg, Germany

Waldorfkindergarten Wahlwies



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