Aktion „brush the way“

For six years now, the Stade Free Waldorf School has been experiencing that the annual artistic painting of the train station underpass by the respective 11th grade has contributed to a positive change in the once oppressive atmosphere of the space. It also showed that this passageway has been less graffiti-sprayed and polluted since the project was initiated. Every 11th grade also takes over the "artistic maintenance" of the underpass during the school year, i. e. the treatment and transformation of inappropriate expressions or  destruction of artistic surfaces.

The pedestrian users of the underpass, several thousand people every day, appreciate this commitment. The city and Deutsche Bahn are also aware of the advantages and support the initiative, which has been often reported in the press, especially during the design process.

By contributing to the design of "forgotten" public spaces worldwide in a networked action in 2019, Waldorf students can break into the consciousness of the world's public. To ensure that this networking, a lively exchange of experience, and cross-border preparation and coordination are successful, all schools wishing to participate in the action according to their individual possibilities are called and invited to contact the following e-mail address: brushtheway@waldorfschule-stade.de.

Contact person: Hans-Wolfgang Roth (art teacher at the Stade Free Waldorf School)



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