Kids for the Ocean

Our waste has an enormous impact on the underwater world, its ecosystems and inhabitants. Our health and survival are also affected. Can we change it? The Kids-for-the-Ocean education program has been developed for all children. As Generation Hope, they are the decision-makers of tomorrow and the bearers of hope to bring about change.
The program is easy to use in class or during supervised free time. It is also designed for everyday family life. The book "Kids for the Ocean: Strategies and Initiatives for Everyday Life to prevent Plastic Pollution in the Ocean – A Step-by-Step Guide for Families and Schools" (also available as eBook now) offers inspiration, solutions and is intended to encourage reasonable choices. Not only will Planet Ocean change – we, too, will change.

Anne Mäusbacher is the founder of Beach cleaner. The initiative was launched in 2015 in the fight against plastic in the oceans and the mission to live plastic free in everyday family life. Anne Mäusbacher wanted to show her community and beyond, that a plastic-free life is possible and still feels good. She loves to spend her time by the water. It goes without question she wants to protect it as well. 

Beach Cleaner is one small movement created by committed activists and supporters who set a good example by their changed way of life and shopping behavior and who show that a plastic-free and a waste-reduced life is possible.  Beach Cleaner also gives lectures and talks about the plastic-free living and zero waste, holds beach clean ups at home and abroad and has developed the Kids for the Ocean teaching program for teachers and families. More information on backgrounds, the team and plastic-free life on


  1. Suzanne Shelley on 21.03.2019 at 18:12

    This is fabulous! My son's 8th grade project (2017/18) was Ocean Debris and he put together a small booklet that he disbursed to students and parents as an e-book called "How to Use Less Plastic in Your Everyday. We are in Portland, OR. It will be fun to share Kids for the Ocean with him.

    1. Celia on 22.03.2019 at 06:36

      Oh yes, what a wonderful project, dear Suzanne. Many greetings to you son!

      All the best for you and your family,
      cheers Celia

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