The "Postcard Exchange" is becoming real!

Created by Waldorf 100 |

In the meantime, nearly 1,200 schools around the world should have received a package of 1,200 postcards and their pupils are certainly already busy painting, drawing, illustrating, gluing, cutting, sewing, stamping or whatever else comes to their minds for this "Global Art Exchange" of superlatives.
And what about you? Have you already sent the first postcards to other schools? Then, please send us some photos of completed postcards, which we then spread over our social media channels to inspire others.
We from the Waldorf 100-team are very pleased that the first postcard has arrived our office – it comes from the Shanti Waldorf School in Kathmandu/Nepal and is our he starting point to create a large world map made of postcards on our office walls: Everyone gets his favorite continent on his/her wall.
What will you do with the incoming cards? Send us reports and photos demonstrating your ideas, we are looking forward to it!


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