SEA National teachers`conference 2019 – Renewal for the 21st century

08.07.2019 - 11.07.2019  CAPE BYRON RUDOLF STEINER SCHOOL (Australia)

In 2019 we celebrate 100 years of Steiner/Waldorf education in the world.

This conference will present leading edge contributions and opportunities for dialogue to enable teachers to reflect on the wisdom of Steiner’s indications and how they can be imagined as part of renewal for the 21stcentury. Renewal and innovation is one of the core tasks of Steiner education today. We cannot, however, innovate unless we know what our core mission is, collectively and individualized in time and place.

How can we, as educators, meet the challenge to renew our understandings of Steiner’s pedagogical insights to develop within young people.

  • their potential as individual human beings and
  • their capacity to take up social tasks to meet the needs of local and global contexts.

Our challenges in the world today 

In the light of the world’s challenges, such as rapid technological change, climate change, resource depletion, and cultural and religious polarization, we need to find new ways to:

  • overcome cultural and religious polarization through conscious recognition of our universal humanity
  • remain human centred in the face of rapid technological change
  • remain sensitive to the suffering of human beings around us when information/media overload contributes to desensitization.
  • support cultural and spiritual education in the face of the world’s materialistic paradigm


Our vision for this conference is to:

  • Connect teachers to issues facing education, childhood and social life and the creative solutions on which they can draw in meeting all children’s needs.
  • To renew enthusiasm for the work to lead into the next 100 years of Steiner education
  • To increase awareness and understanding of aboriginal culture and history by opening hearts to ancient spiritual wisdom of the original people of this land.
  • Connect teachers to vibrant keynote speakers and workshop presenters, who build on the foundations to bring new ideas and impulses
  • Provide the opportunity for teachers to leave conference with practical and implementable ideas

Specific objectives 

Following from the vision for the conference our specific objectives are to reflect on and workshop key facets of Steiner education including:

  • The relationship between teaching methodology and the health of body and soul of the developing child
  • Understanding the different layers of the Steiner curriculum which recognise optimal moments in child development for learning experiences.
  • How the curriculum and methodology together build future capacities in young people who are able to work with initiative and creativity for positive future world directions. Innovative ideas for classroom activities and experiences 
working out of imagination and inspiration to engage the children in living thinking
  • Our collegial approach which provides opportunity for teachers to engage with each other in conversation through workshop discussion and sharing of ideas, both theoretical and practical 

  • Building capacity for new insights and thoughts to arise out of discussions and conversation in which educators can present their own ideas, inspirations and 
activities in relation to core concepts 

  • Present latest research and findings which offers new insights into Steiner education.
  • Ensure a range of activities suitable for differences in age levels and teacher needs 

A full program and registration information will be published towards the end of 2018.

The Call for Workshops will be published shortly. 

Please direct all enquiries to sea@steinereducation.edu.au

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