Wood Harmony – Global Tone

Dear colleagues and friends of Waldorf pedagogy from all over the world.

In 2019 we will be celebrating a memorable jubilee.. Waldorf pedagogy/ the pedagogical concept of Waldorf will be 100 years young. We do not only want to celebrate this event, but we want to connect with all the people who practice Waldorf pedagogy all over the globe. Every year an international arts and crafts teachers‘ meeting takes place. In 2019 this is planned for the Waldorf school Loheland in Germany – 36093 Künzell. We greatly look forward to this anniversary! As a joint project with all of our international colleagues, part of the congress will be devoted to the creation of acustic artwork. For this sound-sculpture, which will naturally be performed on during the convention, we will need many samples of resonant wood. We would be very grateful, if you would make a contribution to this project by donating a piece of wood. We would like to request that you clearly mark your contribution either by burning or carving it with the name of your school and the type of wood. The piece of wood should measure about 60 cm (23 ½ inch) in length and offer a wonderful sound. The wood pieces will be suspended (to create the chime). Please do not drill any holes into your piece of wood. We will be doing that together on site in Loheland. The combined sound of this extraordinary instrument should offer an expression of our communal spirit. We will be recording the event by making a short film, which will be made available upon request. Please remember not to send any endangered or non exportable wood types.


Initiator of the wood chime Art event: Work group of teachers for arts and crafts at Waldorf/ Steiner schools

Homepage of the art and craft teachers at Waldorf/ Rudolf Steiner Schools http://werklehrertagung.eu/tagung/

Please send your resonant wood from your school directly to: Loheland-Stiftung, Thom Hein, Loheland, D-36093 Künzell

 „Werkstattgepräch“ 2019 is hosted by Loheland Stiftung,  www.schule.loheland.de ,

For Questions please contact: t.hein@loheland.de , m.pappert@loheland.de


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Every Waldorf insitution in the world

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