Waldorf 100 - The film now in Arabic

by Waldorf 100 | 07/05/2018

The latest version of our Waldorf 100 Film "Learn to change the World" is online since July, 3rd.

It´s already the 14th language version and there...

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The "Postcard Exchange" is becoming real!

by Waldorf 100 | 08/14/2017

In the meantime, nearly 1,200 schools around the world should have received a package of 1,200 postcards and their pupils are certainly already busy...

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Waldorf 100 is going online

by Waldorf 100 | 10/04/2016

The time has come: We are extremely delighted that our German web page is now ready to be published. The English and Spanish translations are already...

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Subscribe to our newsletter

by Waldorf 100 | 10/02/2016

The next 36 months will get as diverse as our nearly 100-year old history has been. So it will be worthwhile to revisit our website frequently. If you...

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Young authors wanted!

by Waldorf 100 | 02/15/2018

Dear students between Alaska and Hawaii, Tokyo and San Francisco, Irkutsk and Patagonia, Cape Town and Helsinki, Christchurch and Cairo, Tel Aviv and...

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Film “Waldorf 100 – Learn to Change the World” is online

by Henning Kullak-Ublick | 03/17/2017

We are happy to announce that our film “waldorf 100 – Learn to Change the World” is accessible now.

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Core projects about to start

by Waldorf 100 | 10/03/2016

Going online marked the beginning of our first core projects, more of which will evolve within the next few months. Share in the excitement!

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Waldorf 100 on Facebook

by Waldorf 100 | 09/30/2016

Visit our multilingual Facebook Fanpage (coming soon):

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Kindergartens are also part of Waldorf 100

Created by Waldorf100 | 01/25/2018

We are pleased to share with you the new Leporello "Invitation to Collaboration for early childhood institutions". We are presenting three projects...

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Waldorf 100 becomes multilingual

by Waldorf 100 | 03/16/2017

Update: Our English and Spanish websites are finished. And we are happy to announce that our film “Learn to change the world” has an overwhelming...

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by Waldorf 100 | 10/03/2016

Did you know that you can receive current news from the Waldorf community via Twitter? Visit

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