One of the “core projects” of Waldorf 100 is a series of musical compositions written especially for our Centennial Celebration by master students from composition classes in leading music schools around the world.

The President of the Hamburg University of Music and Drama, Prof. Elmar Lampson, has kindly offered to coordinate, with his colleagues in other music schools all over the world, the creation of a series of 10-15-minute-long works under the common theme of “metamorphosis”. These works are to be played by senior orchestras at Waldorf schools and performed by choirs of various age levels.

More than twenty Waldorf schools have already committed their senior orchestras to perform three or more of these compositions. But the more confirmations that come in, the more interesting the challenge will be for the young composers.

What a great way for the internationalism of the Steiner-Waldorf movement to be an immediate lived experience for the Waldorf communities and the general public! The music schools are supporting the Waldorf education movement by participating in this project. The student composers are excited by the theme of metamorphosis, interested to be in collaboration with young Waldorf musicians and have the great incentive of their pieces being played in public.

Prof. Lampson is cooperating with the directors of seven renowned music schools from different countries whose composition classes will support the anniversary. An international jury will announce the most suitable oeuvres by July 2018, and provide them to the interested orchestras. These performances will transform the internationality of the Waldorf movement into a live experience for the school communities and the public. The performances will be held in 2019, with a particular highlight on September 19, 2019 when the international ceremonies are to take place. The works are written for pupils and should therefore be performed in schools. Naturally some of the works will be performed by a multi-school orchestra project at our central closing ceremony that will presumably be held in the Berlin Tempodrom.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Rabina shahi on 19.09.2017 at 06:55

    I am Rabina from Shanti Waldorf school. I am also inspired to create e a musical project .

  2. Vanessa on 07.04.2017 at 20:28

    Im a waldorf alumni and now Im a waldorf teacher. While reading through your projects I was inspired to create a musical project for alumn, an alumni cd. We could write songs about waldorf or how it changed us. It could be called "Singing our own tune, in harmony with the world," or something along those lines... Maybe we can all record one song together or make a cd of waldrof grads singing their own tunes... kinda metaphorical!? Id love your support to get it going! I know 10 incredible musicians in my high school. Imagine how many songs we'll get steaming in from all over the world! This could be something...

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